Tonight’s experiment: Marinaded Parmesan Breaded Chicken

In the past, baked chicken breasts have been about what seasonings I could shake onto them and then bake them in a little bit of water. Sure, they were filling enough but I’d always end up trying to cover up the blandness with barbecue sauce or some kind of salsa and zesty cheese. Tonight, I tried something new. I had a bottle of Renee’s Sweet Onion salad dressing and panko breadcrumbs, so I decided to experiment. In a bowl, I combined the chicken breasts with the salad dressing, covered it all with plastic wrap, then stuck it in the fridge for an hour to marinade. Next time, I’ll marinade overnight if I think of it.

Anyway, once they had sat for the hour, I pulled the bowl out of the fridge. I then mixed in a clean bowl some panko (Japanese) breadcrumbs, paprika, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and Club House Herb & Parmesan seasoning. Using tongs, I coated each of the marinaded chicken breasts with the panko mixture, shaking off the excess before placing them on a baking sheet sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.

I have to say, they turned out to be quite tasty. The sweet onion dressing really jazzed things up. Next time, I might add some other seasonings to the panko, but it turned out well enough.

The  chicken was coupled with some roasted red mini potatoes, but I think I’ll probably slice up some of the chicken for tomorrow and put it on some bread or buns for sandwiches with a little bit of mayo and maybe lettuce or thinly sliced cucumber!


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