A different type of breakfast/brunch

bacon-wrapped asparagusWhen I was trying to come up with something for breakfast for myself, I found that I was rather stumped. The last couple of eggs in the fridge had gone bad, so an omelet was out of the question (although I remember now that I do have some of that ‘egg beaters’ product in the back of the fridge which is likely still okay). I twittered my frustration, saying I had some asparagus in the fridge I wanted to use with cheese in an omelet but, alas, had no eggs.

Within minutes, a friend tweeted back, suggesting wrapping the asparagus in bacon and sauteing them in a pan. Brilliant! We had this at a sushi place just a week before, so I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. The only problem was: I had no real bacon. All I had was turkey bacon that I had bought on one of my ‘health kick runs’ through the grocery store more recently.

I know that turkey bacon doesn’t really cook up the same way as regular bacon so I knew I’d have to skewer it down on the end with toothpicks. Even after cooking, it will not hold its shape too well, so removing the toothpicks would have to happen once they were served and being eaten. I was fine with this, so I saw to cooking these up, using up most of a package of turkey bacon and a whole bunch of asparagus. I mixed butter and olive oil in a low-medium heated pan (the olive oil helps to prevent burning with the butter) and sauted them up — the turkey would not produce enough fat to cook with, hence the use of butter and oil. It only took about five minutes to cook up on each side.

Hubby thoroughly enjoyed these and went back for seconds. I enjoyed them immensely but I think next time, I would serve them up with orange slices and maybe some toast with jam/preserves and some tea. Something about these was screaming, “CITRUS!!” I don’t know why, really, but I found myself craving that. I just didn’t have any oranges on-hand.

All told, however, I think that this was a raging success and that I’ll make them again in the future. What a great way to work vegetables into breakfast or brunch, and the turkey bacon meant that I didn’t have to feel too guilty about having a couple of these. I just made sure that I rested them on paper-towel for a few minutes before serving to get the butter and olive oil soaked up off of them.

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