Bored with leftovers? Make butter chicken… pizza??

Pizza made out of naan bread, butter chicken, cauliflower and roasted garlic havarti.Over the weekend, I found myself craving Indian cuisine and with my husband’s birthday needing a proper dinner, I thought I’d treat us both to a great meal. Sadly, our usual choice of delivery restaurants has been disappointing as of late. You see, I love Indian seasonings, but being a “super-taster”, I cannot handle really spicy foods. So I tend to purposely order things like butter chicken, which tends to be a milder dish (maybe not traditionally, but a lot of restaurants we’ve been to tend to make it rather mild). The one we’ve been ordering from for years has gradually made theirs more and more spicy until it’s gotten to the point that it is downright painful for me to eat. My hubby has enjoyed it, but I’ve literally given up on it after a few bites.

As a result, I have begun trying several of the Indian-inspired sauces made by VH. We have had the butter chicken sauce on several occasions with diced, stir-fried chicken breast  meat, poured over saffron-infused basmati rice with raisins. The same grocery store sells pre-packaged naan bread (two per package) — forgive me, as I’ve forgotten the brand and will have to get back to you all about this at a later date. So this weekend, I picked  up all the fixings, plus some potatoes, cauliflower and two other sauces to try over the veggies (Tikka Masala and Korma). The korma sauce was similar to the butter chicken, but with more of a kick to it. As for the tikka masala, it was a sweeter, coconut-based sauce. We thoroughly enjoyed both!

However, this meant we have been left with a lot of curry, which is great, but even that can get ho-hum after a couple of  days of left-overs. In speaking with my mom not too long ago, we both realized that we enjoy making personal pizzas on pita bread. Thinking of that conversation got me thinking about how the naan bread is sold next to the pita bread in the grocery store — waitaminute

Naan looks kind of like pita bread. Butter chicken sauce kind of looks like tomato sauce. And chicken is just another meat like pepperoni…

So yes, behold the results of my craving for homemade pizza, mixed with left-over butter chicken and cauliflower, with a little bit of roasted garlic havarti I had to use up in the fridge. How simple and delicious is this?? It’s a great use of leftovers, reinventing it so it’s not so boring the second or third day around and it’s an awesome twist on an old favourite! (For the record, I had pre-baked the naan bread on the weekend, as per the package instructions, then for the pizzas, I pre-heated the oven to 350F and baked these for about 13 minutes.)

The only thing I wish was that I had something green to put on this wonderful little pizza. Maybe a sprinkling of spinach next time would help jazz it up a bit, or some leftover broccoli. I think a little dark green would look and taste amazing and I will remember it for next time  (I think I actually  have some frozen spinach in my freezer, buried somewhere!). But having just finished one of these personal pizzas, I have to say that it was not only delicious but filling. Why not mix things  up in your kitchen when you get bored with leftovers? You just never mind know when an experiment might lead to something really great!

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