A little chai on a rainy day…

A large mug of homemade chai latteIt’s been rather rainy as of late. I don’t know about everyone else, but I tend to crave comfort foods and drinks in grey, wet weather. This morning, I couldn’t sleep, so I was up at 4:30am. Ungodly, I know! So,  I put the kettle on for  a cup  of tea, but part way through it doing its thing, I decided I didn’t want just another cup of ordinary orange pekoe tea. I wanted something else. Something more comforting. Hot chocolate wasn’t quite the  thing, either. I stared across the kitchen at my various spice  jars — not necessarily for an idea, but  just as a spot to focus upon while I thought about what tea I wanted.

Then my brain caught up to what my eyes were seeing: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves…

Eureka! I could make chai! In fact, with my handy-dandy milk frother, I could make a chai latte!

Now, I know there are ways to make it by boiling the teabag in the milk and such, but this was just a quick and dirty yet comforting cup for the morning, so here’s what I did:

I grabbed a large mug and tossed an orange pekoe teabag into it, along with some honey (I like mine  sweet, so I put  two big dollops into the mug). Then I added a few pinches each of cardamom  powder, ginger powder and cinnamon powder. I frothed up about 1/2 cup of skimmed milk and poured the milk froth into the mug. Once the water was boiled,  I topped up the mug and gave it all a really good stir before fishing out the teabag. Yes, yes,  I know  that the more you mess with a teabag, the more bitter it got, but there were enough spices and honey in there to avoid me having to really worry about that.

The finishing touch was a nice sprinkling of a cinnamon-sugar mixture on top of the foam. Delish!! What a great way to start my weekend.

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