Rainy Day Twists: Reinventing an old favourite

Brie, apple and cranberry-almond preserve sandwich with apple sliceson the sideOn the weekend, I was craving comfort foods (as I so often do); specifically, grilled cheese sandwiches. As it so happens, my city has a great gourmet grilled cheese food truck (Gorilla Cheese!). I was able catch them at some point and tried their original grilled cheese sandwich (OG for Original Grilled, I think) and their Sarducci sandwich (words cannot even describe how good this one was). So this weekend, I got thinking of this lovely food truck’s fare and thought, “Why do I need to have plain old white bread and cheese slices in a frying pan? I want to get creative!”

A friend of mine mentioned on twitter that she had a grilled cheese sandwich with apple slices in it and I was hit with a rather fond memory. I recall visiting a favourite Irish pub/restaurant many years ago and enjoying a platter of sliced baguettes, warm brie cheese, apple slices and cranberry chutney. The combination was heavenly; to die for, even.

So, this past weekend, I stopped  by the grocery store to pick up my memory-inspired ingredients and set about making myself a jumbo grilled cheese sandwich of brie cheese, Granny Smith apples (julienned) and cranberry-almond preserves (couldn’t find chutney but this was close enough!). The bread was a jumbo-width artisan loaf, so long that I had to cut this sandwich into three parts to eat it and flipping it was a bit tricky. But in the end, I had a flavourful, comforting meal which I ended up duplicating last night before the bread expired on me. 😉

The next time you find yourself reaching for ‘old faithful’ out of routine or even a bit of nostalgia, why not give it a new spin and re-invent it into a new tradition? Why not up the ante a bit?

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Twists: Reinventing an old favourite

  1. Hey, Randi B! Thanks for the comment! Honestly, I was shocked by how gorgeous this sandwich tasted. It was so sinfully decadent but so worth it! If you can go to the store tomorrow, I highly recommend it! I’m also looking for other suggestions, so let me know if you end up doing anything different, eh?

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