New Years Eve – Appetizers: Homemade Panko-Crusted Mozzarella Sticks

A partially eaten plateof homemade Panko-crusted mozzarella sticks with paper towel beneath them.Much like my last post, I have to thank another food blog: Pass the Sushi! Why? For their wonderful Panko Mozzarella Sticks recipe, of course! This was the recipe I used as reference for my own mozzarella sticks.

Hubby is quite the mozz-stick lover and these got the “two thumbs up” approval, so these will be keepers! I’ve made adjustments to the recipe based on what ingredients I had around, so here’s my version, for future reference: Continue reading

New Years Eve – More Than Just Appetizers: Pizza Rolls

A rectangular glass baking dish holds about 28 golden brown pizza rolls.Thanks need to go out to Snarky Sweets for the Pepperoni Pizza Bites recipe posted there. I was looking for an appetizer to keep hubby and I from going too hungry before dinner on New Year’s Eve this year, and despite them being set up as appetizers, they really turned into a meal unto themselves!

Of course, I altered the recipe based on what ingredients I had on hand, so I’m reposting with my own adjustments.  Continue reading

Leftover Cheesy Turkey Pasta

A white rectangular plate with a fork to theright side displays cheesy mini-bowtie pasta with peas, parsley and leftover turkey.Here’s another quick recipe for you if you’re bored with your leftover turkey already. I’m basing this, once again, off of my bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breast dinner, but I’ve adjusted the recipe below to assume you’ve just made a regular turkey dinner. Adjust as you wish! Continue reading

Easy Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

It’s now half a week past Christmas: are we tired of leftover turkey yet?? I’m not, but I like to re-jig leftovers so that I don’t get tired of the ingredients.

A rectangular white plate sits atop a blue striped tea towel. Upon it rests a serving of turkey pot pie made with leftovers, with a fork.What better way to reuse turkey dinner leftovers than to slap it all into a pot pie?

Here’s how I did it: Continue reading

Turkey Leftovers Recipe 1 – Grilled Cheese-Turkey Pita Sammy

Half of a grilled cheese turkey pita sandwich sits on a plate with a knife and fork resting next to it.Well, it’s Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, and so many of us are faced with the same thing: leftovers!

This morning, I was hungry and still had a taste for turkey (believe it or not). So, I pulled out the remnants of my bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breast dinner from Christmas Eve and pondered what to do with them. Normally, I’d consider an omelet but I checked my last two eggs and found that they had expired. Alas!

Not to be daunted by this, I continued to consider the possibilities. Continue reading

Bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breasts w/twice-cooked garlic mashed potatoes

A white plate painted with green ivy holds two slices of bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breasts, peas, additional stuffing, Yorkshire Puddings and twice-cooked garlic mashed potatoesI have a tiny little kitchen. It’s an apartment or galley kitchen. It’s larger than some I’ve seen, but there really is only (just barely) room for me to move back and forth in. Whenever poor hubby comes to get a drink while I’m in there, he hears an apprehensive, almost warning voice emanate from me, asking, “What… do… you… need?” I don’t like other people coming into  the kitchen while I’m there. After accidentally bumping into the oven too many times to count due to having another human being in the kitchen with me, perhaps my hesitation can be a little understandable.

Despite this, I wanted to make us a special dinner for  Christmas Eve. I didn’t want to get a turkey for just the two of us, so I snagged a couple of turkey breasts from the grocery store a couple of days ago. Sure, I could have just baked them off, but I wanted something fancy.

Inspired by a couple of Food Network Christmas shows (namely the ones with Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey in them), I decided I wanted to stuff and roll these turkey breasts. Continue reading

Irish Guinness Beef Stew – a recipe from memory

A bowl of Irish Guinness Beef StewI’ve been asked for this recipe a few times, especially as of today after I had taken a large crockpot-full into work for my lovely colleagues: my Irish Guinness Beef Stew. I apologize on the photo not being the best. It’s hard to make anything look good in a paper bowl under fluorescent lighting in an office. Hehe.

Now, I have to tell you, this is a recipe I’ve had running around in my head for quite some time, but it keeps evolving with every new technique I learn in the kitchen and every nifty pointer I learn from watching too-many-hours-to-count of Food Network programming.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share my most recent rendition, hoping to remember all the steps and ingredients I took/used this time around. (Bear with me!)  Continue reading