Honey garlic chicken breasts with hasselback garlic baked potatoes

A chicken breast coated in a honey garlic sauce next to a hasselback (accordian-cut) baked potato and two slices of fresh tomatoI was looking for something different to make for dinner tonight and I didn’t want to just have the same old, same old baked chicken breasts and pasta dinner. I had some nice potatoes and wanted to do something interesting with them other than mashed potatoes or fries.

After stumbling across a recipe for Hasselback Potatoes by Sea Salt with Food, I decided I just had to try this fancy way to bake potatoes. And then I bumped into a great little recipe called Cookbook Recipe of the Month – Honey Garlic Chicken by Taste and Tell and thought, “Crockpot chicken! What a great idea!”

I definitely deviated  from these recipes, simply using them as a couple of guides. I didn’t have any ketchup, so I used half a bottle of Diana sauce for the chicken and halved the soy sauce. I also added onions and a green pepper into the crockpot for some extra flavour (these were discarded later, as they were so overcooked after it was all said and done that they wouldn’t have been very palatable anyway). At the end of the six hours, I removed the chicken from the crockpot and covered them with foil to keep them warm.

The sauce was strained into a saucepan and reduced to about half. When served, the chicken was actually shredded up (not like in the picture I took), and the sauce poured over-top to give the chicken some moistness again — I found that the chicken seemed to be overcooked or a bit on the dry side, but the sauce livened it up easily enough!

Meanwhile, the potatoes were interesting to make! The trick is to keep the cuts straight. If you slant the knife at all while cutting, you risk cutting a slice of potato right out (ask me how I know this *sighs*). Anyway, if you keep your slicing parallel, you should be alright. Also, be sure not to slice completely through!

Once the slicing was done, I took minced garlic that I had in the fridge (about 1 Tbsp per potato, but you can adjust this to your taste) and tucked a little bit of the garlic into every single space between the sliced potato pieces. This is where it got messy… I took extra virgin olive oil and rubbed that all over each potato, pushing some into the cracks where the garlic was.

Each of these were placed on a foil-lined cookie sheet, then topped with some freshly ground black pepper and sea salt. I was going to add a sprinkling of dried oregano or thyme but decided to try to stick to the recipe as much as I could. On the plate, I finished up with a bit of butter on top.

And by then, I was too pooped to do up a veggie dish, so I simply sliced up a fresh tomato and served a few slices on the side of my plate.

All told, I think this was a huge success! I’d make both of these dishes again, though I’d be tempted to maybe make a few adjustments on the chicken to prevent the over-cooking issue.

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