Bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breasts w/twice-cooked garlic mashed potatoes

A white plate painted with green ivy holds two slices of bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breasts, peas, additional stuffing, Yorkshire Puddings and twice-cooked garlic mashed potatoesI have a tiny little kitchen. It’s an apartment or galley kitchen. It’s larger than some I’ve seen, but there really is only (just barely) room for me to move back and forth in. Whenever poor hubby comes to get a drink while I’m in there, he hears an apprehensive, almost warning voice emanate from me, asking, “What… do… you… need?” I don’t like other people coming into  the kitchen while I’m there. After accidentally bumping into the oven too many times to count due to having another human being in the kitchen with me, perhaps my hesitation can be a little understandable.

Despite this, I wanted to make us a special dinner for  Christmas Eve. I didn’t want to get a turkey for just the two of us, so I snagged a couple of turkey breasts from the grocery store a couple of days ago. Sure, I could have just baked them off, but I wanted something fancy.

Inspired by a couple of Food Network Christmas shows (namely the ones with Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey in them), I decided I wanted to stuff and roll these turkey breasts.

While I butterflied the four breasts, I cooked up a basic stove-top stuffing I bought in the grocery store (2 boxes) and set it aside. Once each butterflied turkey breast was flat, I layered the stuffing on, being careful not to over-do it. A thin layer is all it needs. Too much and it falls out the ends. I also sprinkled a few slivered almonds on top of the stuffing, just for a little crunch. Next time, I might also consider dehydrated cranberries.

Four bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breasts in a roasting pan atop vegetables.Then I carefully rolled each breast into a little “loaf”. As I seemed to be out of butcher’s twine, I wrapped each little “loaf” in four pieces of bacon: two length-wise, two width-wise. All of this was then fastened with toothpicks.

All four of these were then placed in a roasting pan on a ‘turkey lifter’ (I can’t remember what it’s called) and some chicken broth was poured into the bottom of the pan, to use as basting liquid. You could use water. I wouldn’t recommend using this liquid for gravy later, as the fat from the bacon drips into it and makes it very, very greasy.

The oven had been preheated to 375 F. The lid was placed on the roasting pan, then the breasts were baked for  a total of an hour and 15 minutes. I checked and based the little roasts at the 45 minute mark, then the lid was taken off. They were basted again at the hour mark, then removed 15 minutes later when the outside was golden brown.

A finished bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey roast, prior to slicing. It rests on a cutting board with a large kitchen knife next to it.The bottom doesn’t get brown, however, so you could either flip them at the hour mark, or do what I did: on the stove, I heated a pan to medium heat and added a bit of butter and oil. The roasts were placed in this two at a time and browned on the bottom. Once this process was done, they were set on a wooden board to rest while I finished the rest of the dinner cooking.

A plate of slices of stuffed turkey breast meat.Just prior to slicing a roast, I carefully removed each of the toothpicks, then cut each breast width-wise so that the spiral of meat and stuffing could clearly be seen.

The slices were transferred to a serving plate and arranged in a fashion that showed off how pretty the spiral looked.

If we had company, I might have finished the centre of the plate with the extra stuffing, maybe some decorative cranberries, and a few sprigs of parsley.

To make life easier, I made up some garlic mashed potatoes the night before using red mini potatoes, garlic, cream, butter and onion salt. I pulled these out of the fridge while the turkey was cooking and loaded them up in a medium-heated pan with butter and olive oil, frying them up till they were golden brown, flipping occasionally.

A bowl of Yorkshire Puddings.Frozen peas were boiled up quickly to add some green to the plate. The gravy was the low-sodium Club House turkey gravy mix. Even the Yorkshire Puddings came from Club House! But they were fantastic!

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