Turkey Leftovers Recipe 1 – Grilled Cheese-Turkey Pita Sammy

Half of a grilled cheese turkey pita sandwich sits on a plate with a knife and fork resting next to it.Well, it’s Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, and so many of us are faced with the same thing: leftovers!

This morning, I was hungry and still had a taste for turkey (believe it or not). So, I pulled out the remnants of my bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breast dinner from Christmas Eve and pondered what to do with them. Normally, I’d consider an omelet but I checked my last two eggs and found that they had expired. Alas!

Not to be daunted by this, I continued to consider the possibilities. Looking through my pantry, I found some pita bread we didn’t get to the day before (we had cut some up and served it with hummus at my mom’s for lunch). In the fridge: an onion and some cheese.

Why not make a grilled cheese sandwich? It was closer to 10am, so this would really be more of a brunch, so why not a sandwich? I put a pan on low-medium heat, sprayed it with non-stick cooking spray and began to grate cheese on top of one pita. This was set into the pan, cheese-side up.

Then I very thinly sliced an onion, just a couple of slices — so thin you could see through them. I cut across the onion to preserve the ring-shapes. These were separated and sprinkled over the cheese. Sure, you could give them a quick saute and then add them, but I don’t mind raw onion and I like the crunch they give.

Two of the slices of stuffed turkey breast were then cut up into smaller pieces, stuffing and all, and then spread over the cheese and onions. More cheese topped this, then the other pita was set on top.

By this time, the bottom pita had become crispy and golden brown, so I carefully flipped the whole thing. After a few minutes on the other side, the cheese was fully melted, the turkey was pleasantly warmed up and the other pita was crispy and golden like the first one.

I removed this from the heat and transferred it onto a plate. The picture above shows half of the pita sandwich. You might want to split it down  the middle and give half to a friend – this was pretty filling!

Suggestions for improvement that I have include adding some diced tomato or fresh salsa, finely chopped fresh herbs and even serving it with sour cream or another favourite dip. Heck, even leftover cranberry sauce! Granted, this was still pretty yummy on its own, if I do say so myself.

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