Just checking in (here, have some Timbits)

A box of doughnut holes.I feel terrible, but I have nothing to post this week, save for a whiny little thing to say I haven’t cooked at all this week! It’s all been leftovers from New Year’s, frozen dinners and take-out. How horrible, I know! The puppies in the picture are Timbits from Tim Horton’s. (Doughnut holes for the parts of the world which have not yet been taken over by this coffee shop chain from the North.)

So whenever I’ve had a week of not-cooking and not-experimenting in the kitchen and my garbage and recycle bins are full of empty take-out containers and wrappers, I start thinking toward the weekend? Why? Because I’ve obviously had an insanely busy/crazy/tiring week if I can’t be arsed to cook! Not that I’m trying to whine. I’ve had leftover butter chicken, Guinness cheddar bread (which I suppose I could post about — maybe I will do so later!), order-in pizza and (gasp!) take-out burgers. I won’t mention what restaurant chain. It’s evil. I don’t know why I go there once in a blue moon. Convenience. I’ll leave it at that and move on. Oh yes, and then there were frozen dinners for lunch. Blech.

I really need to cook again, and soon.

So! This weekend, I think I might get hubby to pick up all the fixings for DIY tacos! Sure, it’s not completely from scratch. We buy pre-made tortillas/shells, pre-made seasoning and pre-made salsa. But hey, they are fun to make and everyone gets what they want. Less or more meat. Mozzarella or cheddar. Tomatoes and green onions, or just lettuce! Hubby is always happy with a taco night, so I think that’s what I’m going to aim for on Saturday. We have some white wine that needs using up (of course) from New Year’s Eve, so maybe we’ll pull out the orange juice and have mimosas while we’re at it!

Decisions, decisions…

What are your favourite, easy weekend meals? What do you like to make after a crazy week of take-out meals?