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A simple white image with the word 'bloglovin' repeated in shadowy letters, with a bolder version of it in the lower right-hand corner.Today, I signed up on Bloglovin’, among other blog-listing services (see my sidebar). I’m rather excited by the idea that I may get new readers this way. Excited and nervous, actually. I love the idea, but am nervous that I will disappoint. Is this normal?? Heh. Anyway, here is the obligatory “share this code on your blog” before I add it to my sidebar. Thanks for putting up with a non-food post. 🙂

If nothing else, if you have the bloglovin’ app on your iPhone or Android, you can follow me a little more easily, perhaps. Hope this helps!

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Guinness Cheddar Bread: an experiment in baking

A wire cooling rack holds a loaf of rustic-looking Guinness cheddar bread with a single slice lying next to it.I’m not a baker. I’ve said this a few times, I think. But when I came across Miss…in the Kitchen’s Colby-Jack Beer Bread recipe, I knew I just had to give it a try. I had a leftover can of Guinness from making my Irish Guinness Beef Stew and plenty of cheddar, so I thought, “Why not??”

I had to make some substitutions based on the ones provided, as I did not have self-rising flour. And I didn’t use Colby-Jack cheese. I also found that the recipe, as-is, turned out a bit dry, so I added more liquid. I know that humidity levels and elevation can affect how a dough turns out, so I took a chance.

I will warn that if you try this recipe, start with the measurements from Miss…in the Kitchen’s site first. Then make adjustments as necessary. With my lack of baking skill, I don’t recommend starting from scratch based on my recipe, but you could use it as a secondary source to the original if you find it’s too dry.

With that said, here’s what I did… Continue reading