Chocolate-filled Pilsbury crescent rolls – a little sweet treat

Two chocolate-filled crescent rolls sit on a white plate. One has been cut in half to show the white and dark chocolate inside.A week from Christmas, my mom asked me to bring rolls to dinner. I picked up a few tubes of Pilsbury crescent rolls with the intent of baking them up before we were to head to her place for dinner. A few days before Christmas, I got a call to say I didn’t need to bring them, that she had picked up some other dinner rolls which would work just fine.

I decided that today I would bake  up some of them, hoping that I could  do something fun with them. I’ve packed them full of ham and cheese in the past but this time, I wanted something a little sweeter this time. A triangle of crescent roll dough with white and dark chocolate chips, ready to be rolled up

Tucked away in the cupboard were two bags calling my name: a bag of dark chocolate chips and a bag of white chocolate chips. So out they came and I decided to stuff the rolls with a few of each to get a nice mixture of light and dark inside.

One thing I will say is that the package on the rolls says to bake them for 10-15 minutes at 375F. After 11 minutes, the bottoms of mine were beginning to get too dark so I took them out right away. My first word of advice: check them at 9 minutes and keep a very close eye on them; be prepared to take them out right at 10 minutes. My second word  of advice: don’t over-stuff them! If you do, ou risk them exploding on you and leaking chocolate all over the place.

What a great little treat. I didn’t find them to be too sweet, either. It was just enough sweetness to satisfy a craving. Yum! Quick and so easy! This is as close to baking as I usually get.

Do you play around with crescent roll stuffing? What do you like to stuff them with?

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