Tuna on English Muffins – a boost of brain food

Tuna sandwich on English muffin, cut in half to show the layers of cheese, lettuce, tuna and tomato.I’ve never been a fish/seafood fan. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I hate fish and seafood. I know, I know — bad foodie! For some reason, I just can’t get past a lot of the smells, tastes and textures inherent in fish or seafood.

One thing that I am generally alright with, however, is canned tuna. Yes. Canned tuna. Not fresh and nothing else. Why? Mom used to make tuna macaroni salad when we were kids and we at that stuff by the bucket. It’s a taste and texture that I’m used to.

I’ll eat salmon sandwiches if someone else pulls out every single little bone and scrap of skin or fatty tissue. If I have to do it, I’ll end up green around the, ahem, gills. I’ve been told by nutritionists that as I’m not a fish-eater, if I can at least handle tuna once a week, I should try to stick to that. So, I’ve actually had it three times this week, so I’m making up for lost time.

Two English muffins sit on a counter top with a fresh tomato, green onions, a can of tuna, a block of cheddar cheese and a bottle of low-fat mayonnaise.Today, I realized I had no bread. Hubby was going to pick some up on the way home from his errands, but I was hungry and couldn’t wait. So I pulled out all of the ingredients that I would need to make a toasted tuna sandwich on what else but an English muffin? (I’m all about improvising!)

I like my tuna sandwich to have lots of other flavours mixed in, which is probably why I don’t mind having tuna this way — it’s  not the only flavour in there. So I pulled out green onions, a fresh tomato, cheddar, mayo and even some lettuce (not pictured).

A tuna can being drained over a sink.First, I opened the can of tuna and drained it really well. I prefer Clover Leaf flaked white tuna packed in water. You can go with your  own favourite, but if you opt for the solid tuna, you will want to make sure you spend some time flaking it with a fork. I push one side of the lid into the can and apply pressure, allowing it to gently squeeze the excess water out of the fish inside. Then I turn the can and repeat on the other side. Be sure to watch for any sharp edges! Then, the tuna is transferred to a bowl with the fork, as mentioned.

Removing tuna from the can into a bowl using a fork, flaking it a bit more in the process.Regardless of your choice of tuna, be sure that it’s well drained and flaked. I generally flake it a bit more as I remove the tuna from the can with a fork into a bowl. I have a handy-dandy drainer-thing from Tupperware which I can use, but if you don’t have something like that, you can do it carefully with the lid (as pictured).

A bowl has flaked tuna and green onions in it with a fork.This is when I add a little more flavour, stirring in two finely chopped green onions into the tuna.

You can use regular onion if  you’d prefer but I like green onion because it’s a milder taste and it adds a little bit of colour to the tuna mixture.

Then I add the mayo. Flaked tuna in a bowl has green onions and mayo added to the bowl.Again, this is up to you as to what kind of mayo you want to use. I love Hellmann’s but I’ve found that their 1/2 fat mayo tastes exactly the same as their regular mayo.

So this is the one I opt for. I also tend to use more mayo than others because I like my tuna mixture to be extra creamy. Use your own judgement and add how much or little you want.

Then, using the same fork, mix it all together. Test it and see if you need to add any additional mayonnaise. Then, season it how you would prefer it to taste. I tend to add a pinch of salt and a bit of freshly cracked black pepper, then mix it all up really well. Set this aside.

Cut open your English muffin(s) and get them going in the toaster. While mine were toasting away, I worked on slicing up some cheese and tomatoes. At the last moment, I decided that I  also had a hankering for some lettuce on the sandwich as well. It’s a really good opportunity to add more vegetables if you can. Once the muffins are done toasting to your preference, begin assembling the sandwiches to your preference. Here’s how I layer mine: cheese, lettuce, tuna mixture and then a tomato slice. Here’s the final product:

A tuna sandwich on an English muffin

What I got was a very filling, very yummy brunch, but also a nice boost of Omega-3 fatty acids and a pretty well-balanced meal! I also tend to find that my brain seems to ‘unfog’ after eating tuna. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination but I figure whatever works, why knock it?

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