Cheater Chicken Cacciatore

A plate displays "cheaters chicken cacciatore" and sauteed vegetablesWhat to do when you have leftover chicken, a bunch of veggies which need to be cooked up and a few jars of pasta sauce? Make cheater’s chicken cacciatore!

Traditionally, chicken cacciatore essentially means it’s some kind of ‘hunter-style’ dish. It involves a lot of herbs and spices, tomatoes, wine and such, and of course, chicken. Well, I just wanted to make something quick and easy. Originally, I had baked a bunch of chicken breasts in pasta sauce from jars in a glass lasagna pan (350F for 1 hour) the day before, so I had leftover sauce and chicken today, as well as pasta. To spruce up the leftovers today, here’s what I did:

First, I shredded/cut up the leftover chicken. All of the veggies were sliced and diced. In a wok, I quickly sauteed the vegetables in a bit of olive oil, adding some herbs and seasonings as I went (garlic powder, seasoning salt, pepper and oregano), as well as a few splashes of soy sauce. Once these were done, I set them aside. In a pan, I heated a tablespoon or so of olive oil, then added a portion of the shredded chicken, stirring it around to warm it. Once the chicken starts to warm up, I added a few ladles of the tomato sauce to the pan, warming that as well.

I then added a portion of the leftover cooked pasta (which happened to be whole wheat linguini noodles) to the mix and made sure that they were heated through as well. This was served with the sauteed veggies on the side with a bit of parmesan and asiago cheese over the pasta mixture. The result was a pretty yummy dinner. 🙂

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