Easy Friday Night Meal: open-face hot chicken sammies

A plate holds a couple of open-faced hot chicken sandwiches on hamburg bun halves.Friday night used to mean ‘big meal night’, but with hubby’s shifts being changed a year ago, he has to work Friday night, which leaves me to eat by myself. I don’t mind! This is how it is all week. Occasionally, I’ll make a big meal up but mostly I just fend for myself and do up a big meal the next night when we can share it together.

Tonight, I was craving comfort food, again. In truth, I was craving poutine, but that wasn’t going to happen tonight. But I had some chicken breasts cut up into small bite sized pieces in the fridge that just needed to be cooked up and I had an inspiration. This one doesn’t even deserve a recipe, it’s so simple.

I just quickly fried up the chicken pieces in a little bit of olive oil and butter, sprinkled with some sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Then I drained this really well. Meanwhile, as the chicken cooked, I quickly whipped up a Club House gravy packet. I could have just as easily pulled some leftover homemade gravy out of the freezer, but I was really hungry and couldn’t wait for it to thaw.

While all this cooked, I tossed two small hamburger buns into the toaster (if they were large, I would have just toasted one). All that was left was to assemble the hot chicken sandwiches. I made them into open-faced sandwiches, spooning the gravy over the chicken. Very filling. Very comforting. Very tasty! Next time, I’d probably cut back on one of the buns and make a salad on the side to balance it or make up some soup for a side to balance it better, or even just steam up some asparagus. But I am now content. 🙂

I’d be interested in hearing what others do for Friday nights, especially if they spend it alone. If you make a healthy meal, good for you (please share)! If you order in, what’s your go-to food? Or if you go for a good comforting meal, please share! I want to hear what everyone’s favourite ‘fall back’ meals are, when they’re just cooking for themselves or curling up for a quiet night! What’s quick and simple for you?