Thai-inspired dinner

A plate with grilled chicken with Thai peanut sauce, beef-flavoured noodles and grilled pineapple slices.Thai food is not something I normally indulge in. I can’t handle spicy-spicy foods. (Yeah, I’m a wuss.) But I was in the mood for something different tonight, so I poked around online for a dipping sauce recipe that would strike my fancy and dove into whipping something up.

First, I cannot claim the Thai Peanut Sauce as my own. I did cut back slightly on the amount of chili powder and added more brown sugar for my own tastes, but otherwise, check out the recipe at tasteofBBQ.

All I did with the chicken was cut it up into strips and then marinaded it in a bowl in the fridge filled with half a bottle of low fat Italian dressing for about an hour. Then I skewered them on metal skewers and grilled them on my indoor grill for a few minutes. Carefully, I removed the chicken from the grill with tongs (as those skewers would be hot)! and pulled the chicken off the skewers into a serving bowl, sprinkling it all with a little bit of coarse salt.

The noodles were pre-boiled and drained. Then in a pot on the stove over a low-medium heat, I sweated half a red bell pepper (sliced thinly and cut in half), then some green onions, and added two Knorr’s beef bouillon gel packs, some powdered ginger, 2 teaspoons minced garlic, about 1/4-1/2 cup of water and a bit of soy sauce. Once it all thickened a bit and was bubbling, I added the noodles and mixed well.

And the pineapple was grilled on my grill pan on the stove-top, a few minutes on each side to get nice grill marks. That’s it!

Hubby thoroughly loved it. I enjoyed it though it was a bit spicier than I normally would go for. But it sure was tasty! Follow their advice, though, and serve the peanut sauce warm. It makes allllll the difference!

And do yourself a favour: don’t double-up the peanut sauce, thinking there won’t be enough. I made up a double-batch and honestly, a single batch would have been too much for tonight’s dinner for two! Haha.

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