Chicken & rice dinner (for Diabetics) & roasted cauliflower

A plate with a baked chicken breast, rice, roasted cauliflower and baby tomatoesYou’ve probably seen those Company’s Coming cookbooks by Jean Pare everywhere, right? I’ve got a couple of them. They’re okay. I find that they are a little older in style for food dishes, which isn’t a bad thing, but while many cookbooks are full of recipes I wouldn’t use, most of these books are really no different.

So why have them?

Because most of them have a couple of real gems that are worth taking a stab at.

Company’s Coming Diabetic Cooking is no different! Am I diabetic? Nah. But if you’re interested in healthy eating choices, diabetic-specific recipes are certainly a good choice, in my opinion. The strange thing? I followed the recipe almost to a “T”. I added a bit more seasoning and a bit more chicken  bouillon, but otherwise, I stuck pretty darned close to the book and we were treated to a very tasty meal!

It was accompanied by Simply Recipe’s Roasted Cauliflower recipe (though I forgot the garlic…  oops!), which is divine. I highly recommend it. I had only ever had cauliflower boiled or stir-fried and it honestly wasn’t a favourite vegetable. Now, I only ever serve up cauliflower this way. I went a little heavier with the lemon juice this time around, though, and lightened the use of the parmesan, too.

The best part about this meal? It was tasty and only used two dishes! The main change I made was that since the chicken and rice dish needed about an hour and a half at 350F in the oven, I roasted the cauliflower at the 350F temperature for 45 minutes instead  of 25-30 minutes and it turned out perfectly. The chicken & rice was on the bottom rack, with the cauliflower on the top. Easy!