Dinner @ the Grand Olympia (Hamilton, Ontario)

A green salad in a 'collar' of long strips of cucumber, dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and some crispy egg noodles.I recently went to a wedding reception at the Grand Olympia in Hamilton, Ontario. Many weddings I’ve gone to, I’ve remarked on the ceremony, the bride’s dress, the lovely decorations, the weather and so on. It’s rare that I bother commenting on the food. Even my own wedding, I barely remember what the food tasted like. I couldn’t even recall the caterer at this point. I’m sure that it was good, but I barely tasted any of it. In truth, I was just so wound up that I couldn’t eat. Other weddings I’ve been to, the food has been rather unremarkable. Not bad, but nothing to write home to Mom about.

Now, with that said, I’ve been to some weddings that were potluck and those were pretty awesome.

But I have to tell you, the food at the Grand Olympia was rather incredible, and so, you get a blog post about it. Continue reading