Summer roasting: slow-cooker eye of round roast

An eye of round roast, sliced on a wooden cutting board.I hate using the oven in the summer because even with the air conditioning on, it simply gets too warm in here. So I’ve been learning to use my slow-cooker for more than just soups and stews. Throw some stock into  it, sear the meat in a pan with a rub, throw it into the stock and leave it alone for a few hours in the crockpot. And the kitchen doesn’t heat up in the process.

Here’s how I do up my eye of round roasts in the summertime:


  • 1 box low sodium beef broth
  • 1.5 to 2 lb eye of round roast
  • 2 Tbsp of roast rub
  • 3 Tbsp canola oil


  1. Pour the broth into the slow-cooker and set it on low.
  2. Rub the seasoning all over all surfaces of the roast.
  3. Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. When the oil is shimmering, gently set the roast into the oil and sear it on all sides, using tongs to carefully turn it over every few  minutes.
  4. Once the meat is seared on all sides, turn off the heat and carefully remove the roast from the pan and transfer to the slow-cooker.
  5. Pierce the roast with a digital meat thermometer and set the alarm to 150F.
  6. Cover the slow-cooker with its lid. If you can’t get a good seal because of the digital meat thermometer’s cable, throw a tea towel over top to try to keep the heat in better.
  7. Forget about it until you hear the thermometer’s alarm go off (roughly 3-4 hours in my crockpot).
  8. Remove roast from slow-cooker and transfer to a plate or cutting board. Allow to rest at least 20 minutes. Transfer liquid (carefully) to a large enough plastic container for it and the roast. Set aside.
  9. Once the meat has had time to rest, carve it up.
  10. Place sliced meat back into the liquid (keeps the meat moist after it’s been cut) and allow to cool completely.
  11. Cover and refrigerate.

You can either use the stock to make a gravy later on, use it as a dipping au jus, or simply use it to heat the meat up in a pan when you’re ready to serve. I like to cut our roast rather thinly so that we can make sandwiches through the week.

Serves: approx. 12 servings

Nutritional value per serving: 131 calories, 1g carb, 1g fat, 8g protein, 20mg sodium, 0g sugars

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