REVIEW: Smart Ones Broccoli & Cheddar w/Roasted Potatoes

Broccoli Cheddar Smart OnesIn my quest to eat better, I’ve also been looking for some pre-made meals for ease and to give me a break from cooking. As much as I enjoy cooking, I do have weeks where I don’t feel like doing a lot of cooking, after all.

I’ve tried one of the Irresistibles dinners from Metro, but I’ve also bought a couple of Weight Watchers Smart Ones meals. The first one I tried is the Broccoli & Cheddar with Roasted Potatoes.

To tell the truth, I have to say that as frozen pre-made meals go, this one wasn’t half bad. Sure, the potatoes were a little strange in texture because they had been frozen, but that’s to be expected, and they were a bit bland, which again, potatoes tend to be. But covered in that cheese sauce, it wasn’t a huge deal. The broccoli was decent and tasted even better with the sauce as well.

And all told, this wasn’t bad as a side dish, being low enough in numbers to be able to add some meat on the side (homemade roast beef) to round this out as a complete meal:

Nutritional value: 240 calories, 35g carbs, 7g fat, 10g protein, 4g fiber, 5g sugars

All told, it was tasty for a frozen meal, filling and although it’s high in carbs and sugars, it was well within my personal meal goals. I’d buy this one again!

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