REVIEW: Smart Ones Chicken Parmesan

A box of Weight Watchers' Smart Ones Chicken Parmesan frozen meal.I’m still trying some pre-prepared frozen meals out, in hopes of having a ‘quick and easy option’ other than take-out for those times when I don’t have time or energy to cook. It does happen, from time to time!

So the next one on the list is Weight Watchers’ Smart Ones Chicken Parmesan. The box says it is a, “Seasoned chicken breast and spaghetti with marinara sauce topped with cheese”. It sums the meal up succinctly, and while I will say the over all taste is much nicer and enjoyable than the Irresistibles Chicken Carbonara, I will say that it wasn’t exactly my favourite frozen meal either.

The Pros

    • This dinner actually has flavour. You can taste the chicken, the seasonings and marinara sauce without any issues.
    • The fact that there is a bit of cheese on top is rather satisfying.
    • The pasta is not mushy, so the consistency isn’t bad (it’s not al dente, however, which is my preference).

The chicken is a decent enough portion.

The Cons

  • It’s rather salty. This bad boy rings in at 630mg of sodium, which I find to be a bit much. It’s probably mostly in the sauce, so there’s  not much to be done about it.
  • The chicken, while not completely unpalatable, had a strange texture — why can these frozen meal companies not get their chicken breast meat to be a normal consistency and texture? I found myself rushing through my meal so that I didn’t focus on the “funny” texture too much.
  • Next time, I’d make sure that I have a side dish to go with it, like a salad or something. I was still feeling a little ‘peckish’ after having it.

Over all, it’s not a bad meal. I’ve had far worse. I’ve had far better. I think I need to start leaning away from the frozen meals that have meat, in truth, just because of my texture issues. I think other  people might not have the issues I have, so they might find this more enjoyable than I did.

Nutritional value: 290 calories, 35g carbs, 6g fat, 23g protein, 630mg sodium, 5g sugar

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