A REVIEW: The Crepe House, Port Dover, Ontario

A brightly-coloured house with a sign that says The Crepe House.
The Crepe House
Address: 2012 Park Street, Port Dover, Ontario
Online: Facebook and Twitter (website in progress)
Price: about $13 per crepe

I know that I don’t do restaurant reviews too often, but this one is extra special. To anyone who watches The Food Network, specifically the show You Gotta Eat Here, The Crepe House might be a little familiar, as John Catucci paid them a visit on the show in the last year.

I’m going to be completely honest up front: I have a connection to this place — my aunt is the owner of this joint (and is the one that John Catucci hung out with on the show). But I am in no way biased about this restaurant as a result. If I didn’t care for it, I just wouldn’t write about it. If you’re in the Port Dover area and are looking for a decent meal, it’s worth stopping by. Let me share with you why.

Forget what you think you know about crepes. They do not need to be sweet. How about savory? Well, they have that in spades at The Crepe House. They had a big breakfast-style crepe with eggs and bacon or ham or sausages, salsa, beans and maple syrup. One of the specials today was a ‘peachy pig’ which was full of peameal bacon and peaches. There is apparently a turkey dinner crepe that I’d love to try the next time I’m there, if it’s on the menu.

And for the record, today was a “cheat day”. So, I had this beauty:

A sweet and savory crepe full of mushrooms, bacon and maple syrup

I forget what this one was called, but it was stuffed full of creamed mushrooms, havarti cheese and bacon and then lightly drizzled with maple syrup. Let me tell you: this was divine. I’ve never had a savory crepe before. Well, I suppose it was sweet and savory because of the maple. But it really was a perfect flavour combination. And it wasn’t heavy-tasting at all. The crepe itself was light and the filling wasn’t heavy either. Usually, I’ll have a meal and not have room for dessert. This time, lunch was light enough that I had room.

That’s not to say that I would have left hungry, but I wouldn’t have felt over-stuffed, either. It was nice to not be so full as to have no option to have dessert.

One of the dessert specials was a blueberry and peaches blueberry couli:

A sweet blueberry & peaches blueberry couli crepe topped with blueberry compote, powdered sugar and whipped cream.

This. Was. Incredible.

The crepe itself was stuffed full of fresh peaches and blueberries, then topped with a blueberry compote, powdered sugar and whipped cream (which I’m guessing was homemade, by the way, as everything they do there is homemade). I’m used to mushy peaches in many desserts — the chunks of peaches in this crepe were a good size and still had some texture to them. The blueberries were large and tasty. It was refreshing to be able to taste the separate pieces of fruit in this dessert crepe, not just a mushy medley of over-processed fruit.

You could just taste how local all the ingredients were, as I know that Penny (the owner & my aunt) goes to all the farms in the area for their ingredients. These crepes were just chock-a-block full of good. honest. local. food. I’m serious: I don’t think I’ve had a meal this fresh-tasting and delicious in a long, long time. Good quality ingredients makes for good quality dishes, and this was certainly true at The Crepe House.

Something else that tells you that this little restaurant is just different from all the others is that when we asked for water with our meal, we got glasses filled with ice and recycled wine bottles full of chilled water. It added a nice, classy touch to an incredible meal. Of course, they had plenty of beverages to choose from, including several different types of cocktail concoctions, as well as red, white or rose sangria and non-alcoholic choices, but the water was good enough for us to cleanse our palates before the next bite.

And the staff were all really sweet. They were attentive without being in your face all the time and even our bottle of water was replaced without us even having to ask. It felt like everyone was one big happy family there (and some of them are).  I watched as people were welcomed like they were old friends. It’s just a friendly, inviting place.

We had the option of eating inside, but it was quite warm inside, so we opted to sit out on the front porch area, which was nice and shaded. It was a beautiful, sunny day, but this pale redhead doesn’t do well in the sun, so the shaded porch area was a perfect compromise. The other option would be at umbrella-covered tables on the side patio. From the front porch, we had a lovely view of the park across the street:

A lovely view of the park across from the Crepe House

Ultimately, it’s incredible that this started off as a little crepe cart in the park. It’s blossomed into quite the bustling little restaurant in a gorgeous little town. If you’re in the neighbourhood, I highly recommend stopping by the little yellow house. As I understand it, they often have live music in the evenings, too. We weren’t able to stay long enough to check that out but maybe next time!

A sign that says 'Fresh Crepes'

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