A daunting task: attempting a Gordon Ramsey recipe – Sausage Rice

Honey garlic sausage rice

I’ve enjoyed watching Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimately Cookery Course when I’ve managed to catch it. Watching these episodes makes his cooking seem a little more accessible. I was particularly intrigued by his spicy sausage rice recipe. It seemed simple and potentially delicious! The only issue I had was that it featured a spicy sausage, which I am not a fan of (I can’t handle hot spicy foods). But I thought, why can’t I do this with any other sausage?

So I looked around for the recipe, as my memory is not good enough to remember a recipe step by step from tv (as much as I try!). I managed to find it at A Glug of Oil.

The only changes I made were:

  • I used brown rice instead of white rice
  • I used honey garlic sausage instead of spicy sausage
  • I also used both red and white onion, as I only had little bits of both left
  • I didn’t have any bell pepper on hand, so I omitted it

Otherwise, I kept this recipe pretty much to a “T” and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend this recipe!

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