A hearty breakfast favourite, done a little differently: Curried Potato & Turkey Bacon Breakfast Hash


I know I’ve posted a lot of dishes today. I’m trying to make up for some lost time, in truth. I’m off work this week and so Family Day seemed to be a good day to just get a little caught up. All of the posts put up today are dishes I’ve made since the beginning of the new year. I’m sorry if you’ve all been disappointed by the lack of activity as of late! Also, none of these have any nutritional data right now. I might be able to add them later. Keep checking back.

Some of these are better for you than others. Many are comfort foods. Keep in mind that my cooking is usually a balance between comfort and healthy — sometimes a recipe is more comfort-food than anything and sometimes, it’s made with healthy-eating in mind. But due to a seven-week illness, I haven’t been focusing upon low fat, low-carb, low calories or anything of the kind.

I’ve posted about my potato breakfast hash dish before and I will admit that I never make it the same way twist. Most of the time, it’s not worth posting about, because it’s simply a variation on a theme. But this time, I thought I’d like to share this variation. Follow the same basic recipe as the other recipe, but use some curry powder in with the potatoes when they’re boiling, then again more in the pan when it’s time to fry them, and yellow pepper, diced, but no celery. That’s all that has really changed, but I found that adding the curry in the boiling water when initially cooking the potatoes really changes the texture and flavour, and then more powder (maybe a full tsp instead of half) when it  comes to frying it really brings out that curry flavour.

My point? Play with it. Add your own ingredients. Use your favourite spices and seasonings. And really infuse whatever flavour you can into the potatoes, as they’re really good flavour-carriers if you take the time to add it. Enjoy!

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