PC Appetizers – A quick review

A box of PC Chicken Samosas.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hubby and I decided for a more relaxing night again this year filled with munchies, movies and PJs. It was great. But also, to prevent me from slaving in the kitchen all day for something special, we opted for a few boxes of various frozen appetizers, some of my homemade crockpot marinara sauce (which I will link to if I’ve got a post up about, or will post a recipe for if not).

We chose a no-name box of sausage roll bites which were yummy as usual, but then we also picked three President’s Choice products: Chicken Samosas (pictured above), Spanikopita and Chicken Grenades (from their Recipe to Riches line). I’d like to share how we liked each of these.


We had tried a different brand of spanakopita last time we bought it and it wasn’t made with filo pastry but some kind of puff pastry. We found the appetizer to be dry and bland. The same cannot be said about the PC brand spanakopita hors d’oeuvres. The filo pastry on these was light and crispy and the filling was tasty. They are appetizer-sized, so no more than a bite or three (depending on the size of your  bites!).

They are tasty enough on their own, though we enjoyed them with a variety of store-bought and homemade dips/sauces. We had a few left over the next day and I’ll admit they go a little soggy second day reheated in the  microwave (probably would have been better reheated in the oven), but still tasty. We would buy these again!


The Recipe to Riches Chicken Grenades were a nice surprise. Bacon-wrapped pieces of chicken? Oh yes please! We snagged a box to try and I’m really glad that we only grabbed one box because in the end, they were too spicy for me! Don’t get me wrong — these were beyond tasty. And for anyone who is a fan of foods with a bit of a kick, you’ll love these. But my disappointment was that the only indication that they might be on the spicy side was “grenades” (I didn’t think about it until later) and maybe the peppers on the box (I didn’t notice that when we bought them since we  were in a rush). Hubby, however, thoroughly enjoyed them (he  doesn’t mind the heat).

The bacon cooked up to a nice medium between soft-cooked and crispy, and the inside was soft like a combination of shredded chicken and some kind of cheese and spices were balled up to be wrapped up in the bacon. Would I get these again if we were expecting guests? Sure thing. I know loads of folks who like a bit of heat! Would I recommend them? I surely would! They are tasty, that’s for sure, and if you’re a fan of jalapenos and/or chipotle, go for it. 🙂


The chicken samosas were another one  with a bit of a kick that was a bit too much for me, but for most, this won’t be a problem. They would probably have the same heat level as the Grenades or even a little less. The inside filling appeared to be made of a flaked chicken and potato with the seasoning and spices for a samosa, as one would expect. We almost got the vegetable  samosas, but opted for the chicken this time. We’ll have to try the vegetable one at a later date and see if the heat level is any different. But again, these were very flavourful. I managed to eat about three of these before I was finally steaming out of my ears.

Hubby thoroughly enjoyed them. The only thing was… I forgot  to heat up the dipping sauce, so I can’t tell you about that! Oops! But the outer shell crisps up nicely in the oven. Just keep an eye on them, like you would any other frozen foods. I found that they cooked up faster than the package reads, even though I cooked them at a lower temperature.

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