A REVIEW: The Crepe House, Port Dover, Ontario

A brightly-coloured house with a sign that says The Crepe House.
The Crepe House
Address: 2012 Park Street, Port Dover, Ontario
Online: Facebook and Twitter (website in progress)
Price: about $13 per crepe

I know that I don’t do restaurant reviews too often, but this one is extra special. To anyone who watches The Food Network, specifically the show You Gotta Eat Here, The Crepe House might be a little familiar, as John Catucci paid them a visit on the show in the last year.

I’m going to be completely honest up front: I have a connection to this place — my aunt is the owner of this joint (and is the one that John Catucci hung out with on the show). But I am in no way biased about this restaurant as a result. If I didn’t care for it, I just wouldn’t write about it. If you’re in the Port Dover area and are looking for a decent meal, it’s worth stopping by. Let me share with you why.

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Breakfast comparisons: egg sandwiches

A plate with an English muffin egg sandwich, tomato slices & nectarine slicesHAPPY CANADA DAY!!

I love long weekends such as this, for more than one reason. But one of those reasons is that I love having the time to make myself a decent breakfast. This weekend has been no exception. Saturday, I craved one of my guilty pleasures.

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Jack & Lois – a Hamiltonian hidden gem

A homemade classic cheeseburger with bacon on a toasted garlic bun.301 James St. North
Hamilton, ON L8L1H3
(289) 389-5647
(Dine in or take out)

I recently had the pleasure of visiting this cute little hole-in-the-wall establishment on James Street North (at Barton), not once, but twice.  I was involved in the McMaster 24 Hour Film Festival and we had the gala at a nearby theatre during the artcrawl this month. The after-party ventured over to Jack & Lois’, as one of our judges was the owner, Eric. I had never heard of the place and really have to say that I enjoyed it so much that I took my mother and husband back there a mere two nights later. It was simply that good.

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Dinner @ the Grand Olympia (Hamilton, Ontario)

A green salad in a 'collar' of long strips of cucumber, dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and some crispy egg noodles.I recently went to a wedding reception at the Grand Olympia in Hamilton, Ontario. Many weddings I’ve gone to, I’ve remarked on the ceremony, the bride’s dress, the lovely decorations, the weather and so on. It’s rare that I bother commenting on the food. Even my own wedding, I barely remember what the food tasted like. I couldn’t even recall the caterer at this point. I’m sure that it was good, but I barely tasted any of it. In truth, I was just so wound up that I couldn’t eat. Other weddings I’ve been to, the food has been rather unremarkable. Not bad, but nothing to write home to Mom about.

Now, with that said, I’ve been to some weddings that were potluck and those were pretty awesome.

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Restaurant Review: Spring Sushi

The remnants of a sushi dinner with friends, the focus upon a cup of green tea.Spring Sushi website: http://www.springsushi.com/home2.html

I recently visited a sushi place with some good friends. We had a few options, but ended up going with Spring Sushi on Upper James in Hamilton, Ontario. The price was reasonable at $22 per adult for all you can eat. The decor was pleasant, clean and inviting. The staff were friendly and very quick to whisk away our order sheet and replace it with another as needed.

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