Rediscovering deli meat

A deli turkey sandwich on whole wheat toasted bread.Since I’ve been on this new low-carb, low-sugar, low-sodium kick, I’ve been avoiding deli meat like the plague. Why? Primarily due to the sodium levels.

Looking at some of the nutritional values for deli turkey or Black Forest ham was a bit of a shocker. Some of them were boasting 400+ mg of sodium for a single slice of meat.

I mourned the loss of one of my old favourites from my meal plan but I really couldn’t justify having deli meat sandwiches if the sodium levels would fill up my day’s worth of sodium in two sandwiches.

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Sandwiches for dinner: chicken panini!

A chicken & red pepper panini with sides of corn and roasted herbed potatoes.Sometimes, you just want a sandwich for dinner. But you get bored with regular sandwiches or toasted sandwiches, so what do you do?


When I made this for my hubby and I, he said, “Wow! That’s a hearty sandwich!” It was an instant hit. Feel free to use  the ingredients you have on hand and enjoy, but here’s what I did:

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Breakfast comparisons: egg sandwiches

A plate with an English muffin egg sandwich, tomato slices & nectarine slicesHAPPY CANADA DAY!!

I love long weekends such as this, for more than one reason. But one of those reasons is that I love having the time to make myself a decent breakfast. This weekend has been no exception. Saturday, I craved one of my guilty pleasures.

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Different tuna salad sandwiches

A tuna salad melt wrap on a plate with grill marks on the tortilla from the pan.I’m not a fish-eater. I don’t care for it or seafood at all. It’s a little bit of a texture issue and a little bit of a smell-based thing. I’ve also eaten fish and been nauseated after. So it’s not for a lack of trying. But one fish I seem to have no issues with is canned tuna, so I try to get it into my diet whenever I can. But plain old tuna salad between two pieces of white bread gets boring sometimes. Here’s what I do to spruce up an old childhood favourite… Continue reading

Easy Friday Night Meal: open-face hot chicken sammies

A plate holds a couple of open-faced hot chicken sandwiches on hamburg bun halves.Friday night used to mean ‘big meal night’, but with hubby’s shifts being changed a year ago, he has to work Friday night, which leaves me to eat by myself. I don’t mind! This is how it is all week. Occasionally, I’ll make a big meal up but mostly I just fend for myself and do up a big meal the next night when we can share it together.

Tonight, I was craving comfort food, again. In truth, I was craving poutine, but that wasn’t going to happen tonight. But I had some chicken breasts cut up into small bite sized pieces in the fridge that just needed to be cooked up and I had an inspiration. This one doesn’t even deserve a recipe, it’s so simple.

I just quickly fried up the chicken pieces in a little bit of olive oil and butter, sprinkled with some sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Then I drained this really well. Meanwhile, as the chicken cooked, I quickly whipped up a Club House gravy packet. I could have just as easily pulled some leftover homemade gravy out of the freezer, but I was really hungry and couldn’t wait for it to thaw.

While all this cooked, I tossed two small hamburger buns into the toaster (if they were large, I would have just toasted one). All that was left was to assemble the hot chicken sandwiches. I made them into open-faced sandwiches, spooning the gravy over the chicken. Very filling. Very comforting. Very tasty! Next time, I’d probably cut back on one of the buns and make a salad on the side to balance it or make up some soup for a side to balance it better, or even just steam up some asparagus. But I am now content. 🙂

I’d be interested in hearing what others do for Friday nights, especially if they spend it alone. If you make a healthy meal, good for you (please share)! If you order in, what’s your go-to food? Or if you go for a good comforting meal, please share! I want to hear what everyone’s favourite ‘fall back’ meals are, when they’re just cooking for themselves or curling up for a quiet night! What’s quick and simple for you?

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken, part 2 – leftovers – grilled cheese!

Half of a pulled BBQ chicken grilled cheese sandwich with Doritos on the plate.Over the weekend, we were enjoying our slow cooker BBQ pulled chicken tacos, but I am one who enjoys variety. So while hubby napped, I decided to indulge in a dish I know he’s not a fan of: a grilled cheese sandwich. But not any old grilled cheese: amped up grilled cheese.

I took a cue from Gorilla Cheese‘s Bubba sandwich, which is cheddar, pulled pork and coleslaw and put together a sandwich that couldn’t quite compare but was still enjoyable. Continue reading

Friday Sammy: Easy Grilled Panini-Style Chicken Sammy

A finished chicken and red pepper panini, cut in half.I was so tempted to order in tonight. I even had something picked out, a list written up and my hand on the phone. But then something clicked and I thought, “Save your money, girl! Surely you can whip something up quickly that’s tasty and better for you than that fast food crap!”

So I looked in the fridge and came across the following items: chicken, red bell pepper, white onion, barbecue sauce, mayo and cheddar cheese. Looking in my lunch bag that I brought home from work, I found a roll I never used for my dinner (a really large, soft roll). The wheels started turning.

Still looking for inspiration, I found myself staring at the tv as one of my favourite Food Network shows played (Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives). One  of the restaurants was making panini-style sandwiches with focaccia bread. It looked amazing. Hey, wait… I don’t have focaccia, but I have that football-shaped roll. SWEET! Here’s what I did… Continue reading