PC Appetizers – A quick review

A box of PC Chicken Samosas.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hubby and I decided for a more relaxing night again this year filled with munchies, movies and PJs. It was great. But also, to prevent me from slaving in the kitchen all day for something special, we opted for a few boxes of various frozen appetizers, some of my homemade crockpot marinara sauce (which I will link to if I’ve got a post up about, or will post a recipe for if not).

We chose a no-name box of sausage roll bites which were yummy as usual, but then we also picked three President’s Choice products: Chicken Samosas (pictured above), Spanikopita and Chicken Grenades (from their Recipe to Riches line). I’d like to share how we liked each of these.

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Homemade salsa

A bowl of homemade salsaI’m going to give a disclaimer on this one: this does not taste anything like the pre-packaged jars of salsa that you buy in the store. I think I know why, too; I omitted the scads of salt they use.

This is fresh-tasting with a bigger spice-kick than I expected (I generally reach for the mild salsa, so this is probably on the upper limit of mild for most people). You can taste the ingredients, not the salt. I think I prefer it, to be honest.

YMMV, however. Spruce this one up how you like it. Add more or less than what you see and don’t be afraid to experiment. Here’s what  I did:

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Savory muffins: cheese, onion & bacon muffins

Two cheese, onion & bacon muffins on a plateSometimes you want something small to eat. Sometimes you want something bread-based. And sometimes you want a muffin, but you want something savoury at the same time.

Why not make savoury muffins? 🙂

I’ll warn that the dough seems dry when you make them. It’s up to you whether or not you add more liquid, but I kind of like how they turn out as-is. (These are based off an old recipe I found a few years back, but I don’t recall the source. I apologize if this looks familiar to someone else’s! I did, however, make adjustments based on my own tastes.) This makes 12 muffins.

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Quick and easy meal: Egg in the Hole

Two portions of "Egg in the Hole", consisting of two pieces of bread with holes cut out of the middle, with an egg fried in the hole. The toast "holes" are on the side of the plate.I know I shouldn’t be eating so close to bedtime, but sometimes you get so hungry that you just know know you’re not going to sleep. Tonight was one of those nights and I found myself scrounging for something that would make the hunger go away that wasn’t just junk food. Here’s what I found: bread & eggs.

I could just fry up two eggs and toast some bread, but I thought: Egg in the Hole!! What the heck  is that, you say? Did you see V for Vendetta? If you did, remember that fried toast breakfast with the egg in the middle that V makes for Evie? Oh, and Gordon Dietrich makes it for her as well and called it “Eggie in a basket”, if memory serves me. Anyway, that’s what I made tonight. Continue reading