Gorilla Cheese: a review

gordIf you live in the Hamilton, Ontario area, you have likely heard of the Gorilla Cheese truck. If you haven’t… what rock have you been living under?? Seriously, though, point your browser at www.gorillacheese.com, twitter.com/gorilla_cheese and/or www.facebook.com/gorillacheeseonfb and see what these cats are all about. They tweet and Facebook their weekly schedule, so keep your eyes peeled.

This black food truck emblazoned with Gord, a gorilla, on the side, cranks out some serious grilled cheese sandwiches. No, they’re not on fancy bread. The bread is great, sure, but it’s simply a vehicle for all the yumminess they pack between the slices of bread. Are you a ham-lover? They have a sandwich for that. Bacon and maple syrup fan? Yep, there’s a sandwich for that. Pulled pork? Oh yes, you heard me right.

Their menu changes from time to time, but some staples seem to be the Lumberjack (a personal favourite), the Sarducci, the Bubba and the O.G. (original grilled cheese, I think?), just to name a few. The Lumberjack is stuffed with apple slices, bacon, cheddar and maple syrup. Yes. Bacon, apple and maple. What a fantastic combination.

I recently tried the Hammer, which had ham and honey mustard in it (I believe there was apple in that too). Now, I have to confess, I was talked into that one. I’m not a ham or mustard fan by any stretch of the imagination. I avoid ham at family dinners and hubby and I just threw out a bottle of mustard that had been in our fridge (at the very back) for so long, I was considering charging it rent. But the Hammer was delicious! I would likely get it again.

The Bubba is loaded up with cheese, mouth-watering pulled pork and coleslaw. Again, I’m  not a coleslaw fan, but man, this sandwich was tasty.Very filling but very tasty. I’d recommend it to anyone. And I found it had a bit of a kick at the end, but then, I have sensitive tastebuds.

Tonight’s dinner contained two Lumberjacks and their elusive, homemade tomato soup. They don’t have the soup every time and I’ve been hearing for weeks about how good it is. After a week of relatively nice weather, we’ve had a sudden cold snap, so it was the perfect day for soup. I just lucked out that the Gorilla Cheese folks had some soup available.

It’s served in a styrofoam cup and I believe it was only $2.50. They should be charging more. This was the best tomato soup I’ve ever had — a lovely puree of herbed tomato soup that is fresh, warming and comforting. I wish I had bought two cups, honestly, then reheated the second one for tomorrow’s lunch! Oh, and did I mention that I have always despised canned tomato soup? This is not canned. This is the real deal. Look at the picture: do you think I enjoyed it??

A picture of the inside of a now-empty styrofoam cup with a spoon sitting in it.

All gone!

(Also, I found two sandwiches and the soup a bit too much for my tummy. The tastebuds were wanting, but the stomach was saying, “Nae more!” Next time, one sammy if I’m getting soup.)

Bottom line here is that everything I’ve tried has been to die for. It’s good, old fashioned comfort food out of the side of a truck. There is nothing about that which I don’t like! And the staff are just wonderful, sweet people. You’re always greeted with a smile and you’re always treated as though you’re an old friend. After a few visits, you’ll probably be surprised that some of them remember your name, or at least your face!

If you haven’t tried it, get your butt out there and put one of their sammies in your mouth! (Don’t forget to tip! They’re worth it!)

Steak & bacon stew!

steakstew2Yeah, so, Red Angus beef quick-fry steaks were on sale this week, so I came home with several pounds of these steaks last night. And I do mean several pounds. Last night, we just simply had fried steak and asparagus in garlic butter. And that was so good that I ate it before I remembered to take a picture — sorry!

Here’s what I did tonight: Continue reading

No eggs? Have leftovers for breakfast!

A plate with oregano parmesan potato medallions made from leftover baked potato, slices of bacon, an egg cup filled with ketchup, a pile of clementine segments and a glass of orange juice in the background.I woke up this morning and realized I had a problem: I had no eggs. I had planned on trying to make Eggs in a Basket for the first time for myself today, as I only have myself to look after in the way of meals today. (Hubby’s not an egg fan and isn’t fond of the smell of them cooking, so I could have experimented today.)

Well, I lie; I had eggs. But they apparently expired last week and I had no idea. Bummer!

Cereal wasn’t sounding too appealing. Neither was toast. Ooh, French Toast–err, wait, that needs eggs. Hm. Pancakes? I have a vegan recipe I could have used, but it just wasn’t what I was craving. Waffles? I wasn’t craving the super sticky sweetness of waffles and syrup this morning.

So I opened the fridge to see what I had: part of an opened package of bacon that needs to be used, a leftover baked potato which needed to be eaten before it went bad, some grated parmesan cheese, some clementines… even my tomato was just starting to turn. Slim pickings. But then I had a revelation. Here’s what I did: Continue reading

Pasta with a “quick” bolognese sauce & homemade garlic toast

A small bowl contains whole wheat spiral pasta with a homemade red meat sauce (bolognese), with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese and sliced green onion. Two square pieces of garlic bread rest on the rectangular, white plate beneath this. A fork with a rainbow-coloured handle sits in front of this display on a blue table cloth.I needed a break from all the Alfredo sauce I’ve had of late, as well as all the chicken! So tonight, I whipped up an old standby and a new dish for me.

Old standby: Pasta with a “quick” bolognese sauce.

New item: Homemade garlic-onion toast.

The garlic-onion toast was more out of necessity than anything: I had a French loaf that was going to go moldy if I didn’t make use of it tonight. So I cut it in half, slapped half of it in the freezer, then slathered this one with the fixin’s and broiled it. Here’s what I did for both… Continue reading

Leftover Cheesy Turkey Pasta

A white rectangular plate with a fork to theright side displays cheesy mini-bowtie pasta with peas, parsley and leftover turkey.Here’s another quick recipe for you if you’re bored with your leftover turkey already. I’m basing this, once again, off of my bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breast dinner, but I’ve adjusted the recipe below to assume you’ve just made a regular turkey dinner. Adjust as you wish! Continue reading

Easy Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

It’s now half a week past Christmas: are we tired of leftover turkey yet?? I’m not, but I like to re-jig leftovers so that I don’t get tired of the ingredients.

A rectangular white plate sits atop a blue striped tea towel. Upon it rests a serving of turkey pot pie made with leftovers, with a fork.What better way to reuse turkey dinner leftovers than to slap it all into a pot pie?

Here’s how I did it: Continue reading

Bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breasts w/twice-cooked garlic mashed potatoes

A white plate painted with green ivy holds two slices of bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breasts, peas, additional stuffing, Yorkshire Puddings and twice-cooked garlic mashed potatoesI have a tiny little kitchen. It’s an apartment or galley kitchen. It’s larger than some I’ve seen, but there really is only (just barely) room for me to move back and forth in. Whenever poor hubby comes to get a drink while I’m in there, he hears an apprehensive, almost warning voice emanate from me, asking, “What… do… you… need?” I don’t like other people coming into  the kitchen while I’m there. After accidentally bumping into the oven too many times to count due to having another human being in the kitchen with me, perhaps my hesitation can be a little understandable.

Despite this, I wanted to make us a special dinner for  Christmas Eve. I didn’t want to get a turkey for just the two of us, so I snagged a couple of turkey breasts from the grocery store a couple of days ago. Sure, I could have just baked them off, but I wanted something fancy.

Inspired by a couple of Food Network Christmas shows (namely the ones with Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey in them), I decided I wanted to stuff and roll these turkey breasts. Continue reading