Accidental Lazy Man’s Stroganoff: experiments in comfort food

Accidental Lazy Man's StroganoffSo I have been home today, nursing a low-grade migraine and knee pain from the weather we’ve been having. I was trying to sleep, curled up on the couch with the cats, when I realized something — I couldn’t sleep because I was absolutely ravenous.  We are out of bread, so no toast for me. I was tired of cheese and crackers as a means of “tiding me over” till I could eat properly. I needed something fast and easy.

“Soup!” I thought and wandered over to the pantry. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of canned soups. Either they’re too salty or too bland or they taste “tinny” or the texture of the objects in the broth are just wrong… So why was I even considering soup? I recalled that Campbell’s Cheddar Soup was on sale a while ago and we bought something like a dozen cans just to have it in stock for me. I love it as a base to carry other dishes. I never eat this stuff straight up, always opting to add other flavours to it to jazz it up. Each batch of “cheddar soup” is completely different than the last.