Hoisin beef stirfry

A white rectangular plate shows off a beef and vegetable stirfry meal with a pair of black chopsticks resting on the napkin beneath the plate.I think I posted something very similar to this a while back, but I’m revisiting it. I’ve changed up the ingredients a bit, including the amount of hoisin sauce and spices, as well as adding a can of water chestnuts (which were a fantastic addition!).

Stirfry lunch or dinner is a nearly no-guilt meal for me. So long as I watch the sodium, don’t add much in the way of oil, and am careful with what sauces I add (and how much), I think it’s a pretty healthy way to eat. And loading it up with veggies but just a little bit of meat allows you to spread out a small portion of meat (especially if that’s all you have) between more people/portions.

You see, I’m not much of a raw-veggie fan, but stirfry needs to be crunchy. Warmed through but still undercooked enough to have that crunch. A floppy, mushy stirfry is just nasty, so the key here is a high enough heat to warm quickly while preserving the crunch of the veggies, but not so high that it burns, along with cooking it very quickly. Cooking it on a lower heat just boils or simmers it in whatever you’re cooking it in. I am by no means a master at this. I just kind of eyeball it and judge by how the food feels against the spatula.

So I had some strips of an Eye of Round roast in the freezer that I hadn’t cooked up yet and decided that was going to be the meat of the dish. Here’s what I did…

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Fries & Gravy – Comfort Food of the Gods

A close-up on a plate of homemade French fries with gravy drizzled over top of them.When I visited some friends in Texas a few years back, they looked at me funny when I said I enjoyed gravy on my fries. In fact, they looked at me as though I had three heads! Being a Canadian girl, I was raised to love certain foods, and while I’m not certain how Nation-wide fries and gravy might be, I know that it’s a pretty popular dish in my neck of the woods.

Comfort. Food. Two words which describe how I feel about a good-sized plate of fries and gravy. Sure, it’s one of those ‘heart attack on a plate’ type of things. It’s one of those things that I also don’t have very often because of that.

And heck, if you add cheese curds and make me a bowl of Poutine — you will be my new best friend. Muwahah!

Tonight, I peeled and sliced up some potatoes, double-fried them (yes, fry them once, drain them and fry them again to get crispy fries), then slathered them with gravy (Club House low-sodium turkey packaged mix). That was my dinner.

Was it balanced? Good gods, no. Was it healthy? Nuh uh, no way. Was it tasty and satisfying and worth it? Hell yes! 🙂