New Years Eve – More Than Just Appetizers: Pizza Rolls

A rectangular glass baking dish holds about 28 golden brown pizza rolls.Thanks need to go out to Snarky Sweets for the Pepperoni Pizza Bites recipe posted there. I was looking for an appetizer to keep hubby and I from going too hungry before dinner on New Year’s Eve this year, and despite them being set up as appetizers, they really turned into a meal unto themselves!

Of course, I altered the recipe based on what ingredients I had on hand, so I’m reposting with my own adjustments.  Continue reading

Tonight’s experiment: Marinaded Parmesan Breaded Chicken

In the past, baked chicken breasts have been about what seasonings I could shake onto them and then bake them in a little bit of water. Sure, they were filling enough but I’d always end up trying to cover up the blandness with barbecue sauce or some kind of salsa and zesty cheese. Tonight, I tried something new. I had a bottle of Renee’s Sweet Onion salad dressing and panko breadcrumbs, so I decided to experiment. In a bowl, I combined the chicken breasts with the salad dressing, covered it all with plastic wrap, then stuck it in the fridge for an hour to marinade. Next time, I’ll marinade overnight if I think of it.

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