Beef vegetable soup with a kick

Beef vegetable soup with a kick in a white bowl

We’ve had cooler weather as of late, so I’ve been craving more and more soup and stew. After having the hearty goulash soup from the Black Forest Inn upped my cravings for beef soup, specifically one I would consider to be hearty. I already had a large eye of round roast cooking in the slow cooker, so I thought why not use half of that for a soup and slice up the rest for sandwiches?

Then I considered what I wanted in the way of a flavour profile. I knew I wanted something deeper in flavour than usual and maybe something that cleared the old stuffy sinuses a bit. So here’s what I did…

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Summer roasting: slow-cooker eye of round roast

An eye of round roast, sliced on a wooden cutting board.I hate using the oven in the summer because even with the air conditioning on, it simply gets too warm in here. So I’ve been learning to use my slow-cooker for more than just soups and stews. Throw some stock into  it, sear the meat in a pan with a rub, throw it into the stock and leave it alone for a few hours in the crockpot. And the kitchen doesn’t heat up in the process.

Here’s how I do up my eye of round roasts in the summertime:

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