A daunting task: attempting a Gordon Ramsey recipe – Sausage Rice

Honey garlic sausage rice

I’ve enjoyed watching Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimately Cookery Course when I’ve managed to catch it. Watching these episodes makes his cooking seem a little more accessible. I was particularly intrigued by his spicy sausage rice recipe. It seemed simple and potentially delicious! The only issue I had was that it featured a spicy sausage, which I am not a fan of (I can’t handle hot spicy foods). But I thought, why can’t I do this with any other sausage?

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COMPARISON: quesadillas/quesadilla-like sandwiches

A grilled deli turkey & veggie quesadillaDespite buying a lot  of frozen meals as of late to try, I have been making fresh food, too. I promise. I’ve been trying to reintroduce some sandwich options into my meal plan. I’ve been having some success in doing so by using the Weight Watchers and PC Blue Menu bread products. In this particular case, I had bought a package of the Weight Watchers whole wheat tortillas and decided I wanted a wrap of some sort.

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Different tuna salad sandwiches

A tuna salad melt wrap on a plate with grill marks on the tortilla from the pan.I’m not a fish-eater. I don’t care for it or seafood at all. It’s a little bit of a texture issue and a little bit of a smell-based thing. I’ve also eaten fish and been nauseated after. So it’s not for a lack of trying. But one fish I seem to have no issues with is canned tuna, so I try to get it into my diet whenever I can. But plain old tuna salad between two pieces of white bread gets boring sometimes. Here’s what I do to spruce up an old childhood favourite… Continue reading

Gorilla Cheese: a review

gordIf you live in the Hamilton, Ontario area, you have likely heard of the Gorilla Cheese truck. If you haven’t… what rock have you been living under?? Seriously, though, point your browser at www.gorillacheese.com, twitter.com/gorilla_cheese and/or www.facebook.com/gorillacheeseonfb and see what these cats are all about. They tweet and Facebook their weekly schedule, so keep your eyes peeled.

This black food truck emblazoned with Gord, a gorilla, on the side, cranks out some serious grilled cheese sandwiches. No, they’re not on fancy bread. The bread is great, sure, but it’s simply a vehicle for all the yumminess they pack between the slices of bread. Are you a ham-lover? They have a sandwich for that. Bacon and maple syrup fan? Yep, there’s a sandwich for that. Pulled pork? Oh yes, you heard me right.

Their menu changes from time to time, but some staples seem to be the Lumberjack (a personal favourite), the Sarducci, the Bubba and the O.G. (original grilled cheese, I think?), just to name a few. The Lumberjack is stuffed with apple slices, bacon, cheddar and maple syrup. Yes. Bacon, apple and maple. What a fantastic combination.

I recently tried the Hammer, which had ham and honey mustard in it (I believe there was apple in that too). Now, I have to confess, I was talked into that one. I’m not a ham or mustard fan by any stretch of the imagination. I avoid ham at family dinners and hubby and I just threw out a bottle of mustard that had been in our fridge (at the very back) for so long, I was considering charging it rent. But the Hammer was delicious! I would likely get it again.

The Bubba is loaded up with cheese, mouth-watering pulled pork and coleslaw. Again, I’m  not a coleslaw fan, but man, this sandwich was tasty.Very filling but very tasty. I’d recommend it to anyone. And I found it had a bit of a kick at the end, but then, I have sensitive tastebuds.

Tonight’s dinner contained two Lumberjacks and their elusive, homemade tomato soup. They don’t have the soup every time and I’ve been hearing for weeks about how good it is. After a week of relatively nice weather, we’ve had a sudden cold snap, so it was the perfect day for soup. I just lucked out that the Gorilla Cheese folks had some soup available.

It’s served in a styrofoam cup and I believe it was only $2.50. They should be charging more. This was the best tomato soup I’ve ever had — a lovely puree of herbed tomato soup that is fresh, warming and comforting. I wish I had bought two cups, honestly, then reheated the second one for tomorrow’s lunch! Oh, and did I mention that I have always despised canned tomato soup? This is not canned. This is the real deal. Look at the picture: do you think I enjoyed it??

A picture of the inside of a now-empty styrofoam cup with a spoon sitting in it.

All gone!

(Also, I found two sandwiches and the soup a bit too much for my tummy. The tastebuds were wanting, but the stomach was saying, “Nae more!” Next time, one sammy if I’m getting soup.)

Bottom line here is that everything I’ve tried has been to die for. It’s good, old fashioned comfort food out of the side of a truck. There is nothing about that which I don’t like! And the staff are just wonderful, sweet people. You’re always greeted with a smile and you’re always treated as though you’re an old friend. After a few visits, you’ll probably be surprised that some of them remember your name, or at least your face!

If you haven’t tried it, get your butt out there and put one of their sammies in your mouth! (Don’t forget to tip! They’re worth it!)

Tuna on English Muffins – a boost of brain food

Tuna sandwich on English muffin, cut in half to show the layers of cheese, lettuce, tuna and tomato.I’ve never been a fish/seafood fan. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I hate fish and seafood. I know, I know — bad foodie! For some reason, I just can’t get past a lot of the smells, tastes and textures inherent in fish or seafood.

One thing that I am generally alright with, however, is canned tuna. Yes. Canned tuna. Not fresh and nothing else. Why? Mom used to make tuna macaroni salad when we were kids and we at that stuff by the bucket. It’s a taste and texture that I’m used to.

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Honey garlic chicken breasts with hasselback garlic baked potatoes

A chicken breast coated in a honey garlic sauce next to a hasselback (accordian-cut) baked potato and two slices of fresh tomatoI was looking for something different to make for dinner tonight and I didn’t want to just have the same old, same old baked chicken breasts and pasta dinner. I had some nice potatoes and wanted to do something interesting with them other than mashed potatoes or fries.

After stumbling across a recipe for Hasselback Potatoes by Sea Salt with Food, I decided I just had to try this fancy way to bake potatoes. And then I bumped into a great little recipe called Cookbook Recipe of the Month – Honey Garlic Chicken by Taste and Tell and thought, “Crockpot chicken! What a great idea!”

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An omelet walkthrough…

A large omelet, folded over once, topped with two types of cheese on a white plate with green ivy around the edges.

The finished product!

In case it hasn’t been obvious from my postings, I’m quite the omelet fan. Admittedly, I’ve not had the most success in making an omelet from scratch (that is, using eggs instead of that  egg mixture in a carton stuff) that hasn’t fallen apart on me once I tried to flip it… until recently. I finally figured it out! So I thought I’d run you through a quick walkthrough (true to my gamer nature, yeah) on how  to make an omelet from scratch that doesn’t fall apart on you!

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